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Types of Medical Papers

Medical papers or Types of Medical Papers can be roughly divided into research papers, reviews, technical papers, letters, reviews, case reports, and conference reports. The choice depends on the information you want to convey.

Different journals usually have preferences for article types, which usually depend on the classification of the journals as well as Types of Medical Papers. If its main category is to introduce the latest technology in vascular surgery (i.e. technical papers), then it is almost impossible to accept an article about the pancreas. Newly discovered manuscripts of cancer tumour markers (i.e. research papers), no matter how significant the discovery is.

Research Papers

Articles of this type usually require the most workload. Such articles require actual experiments and data collection and analysis. Basic medical research usually falls into this category. Research papers are generally divided into introduction, methods, results, discussions and conclusions. Research papers and clinical reviews are still the mainstream of surgical journals, and the publication of such papers is also the gold standard for measuring personal academic level.


One type of medical paper includes summary. It is a good way for researchers to read the literature and summarise the existing research results in the field of interest. The information obtained through this process can be used to apply for project funding, lecture projects or to lay the foundation for future research papers. The review can help people who are not familiar with this topic quickly understand the current development status of the field.

Technical Papers

Focus on introducing a certain surgical method or a new surgical method. In this type of article, a clear description is very important. Using images, photos or illustrations in it will give people a more intuitive impression. The focus of these articles is to introduce technical methods, and the description of complications or prognosis is relatively limited. When choosing this type of paper, you should carefully consider the applicability of the paper, because not all journals accept this type of paper.

Letter Papers

It can be used to express doubts or personal opinions about published papers. It can also be used to publish some data and ideas that have no chance to be published. Letter papers can cite relevant literature to prove that the first draft may not be convincing enough. However, there is still a gap between the value of letter papers and research papers, and they cannot usually be used for title assessment. However, these articles can be used as an aid to scientific research and should be used with caution, just like the case report below.

Case Report

It is written for an interesting or rare disease and can be used for teaching. It can be a report of a single patient or a series of similar cases, or a more comprehensive description of cases that have been reported in the literature. But in actual work, it is not easy to publish a case report, because there are already too many similar articles, and journal editors are no longer interested in it. Nevertheless, if you can introduce a way to better manage the patient’s gains, it is possible to publish it. In addition to this, you can also try to incorporate case reports into other article types, such as commentary or image reports, which can increase the probability of publication.

In short, with regard to Types of Medical Papers, everyone should choose the appropriate article type according to their actual needs. The author also recommends not to use case reports as the main part of personal academic production. It is better to focus on scientific research papers with higher gold content. If you have any questions about the types of medical papers, consult the online customer service on live chat.