Terms and Conditions

We request you read all the terms and conditions carefully so you don’t miss any points. And you have a clear understanding of what we are offering and on what conditions we are offering you assignment writing services.

Booking an order:

The first condition is that the customer should provide us with an in-use email address and contact information when filling out the form. This is important because sometimes during the process of writing we might have to contact you, and also for the delivery of the project we need a fully functional email and contact number from you.

If you provide us with the wrong email address, this is against our terms and conditions. And it can cause difficulty in completing your order. We work on your orders and make sure everything goes smoothly. And in case something goes wrong or there is a delay in submitting the project it might be because of your irresponsibility when filling the form. Due to these reasons, you might not be able to get discounts that are offered by the company. Also, you should keep in mind that all the discounts are only on the original order and there will be no discount applied to the additional services you get.

Customer guidelines:

The guidelines that the customer provides should be complete and precise. This is the basic requirement of the company by the customers. If you haven’t provided us with full guidelines and then you claim for revision or editing, we cannot work on your claim as you haven’t provided us complete information in the first place. You have to make a new order in this case for editing or revision.

We have a revision policy that says you can have unlimited revisions before the completion of your order. But there are conditions in which this statement is true. If your additional service is deviating from the original instruction you have provided us then no free and unlimited revision will be possible. Not providing the complete information and then claiming for revision is against our terms and conditions. And the company will not be responsible for this.

Source of information:

To write your assignment, the writer uses sources to put the relevant content in your assignment. Our writers use many sources including books, websites, journals, and articles to gather information for your assignments. However, sometimes customers ask for one specific source and refuse information from other sources. And when the customers require information from a specific source they need to inform us about that before we assign your work to the writers.

You should send us the source of information in the time period of 2 days. You can send us the relevant sources of information on the same day. We recommend you send all the information at once so that we can keep a record of it and it would be better for you as well. If our writers have started working on your assignment and after that, you send us the source then the company won’t be responsible for the consequences as it is clearly mentioned that you should send us everything on time.

Using the message section:

All the new updates and information will be sent to you in the message section. And you should keep checking it for not missing any update. Also if you don’t know how to use the messaging system then contact our customer service for pepper guidance.

Mentioning correct academic level:

Every assignment is according to its academic level. And if you make a mistake in filling the correct academic level then the writer is not responsible. As the writer will only do what is written in the order. But if you notice this early on then you should contact our customer service immediately for the changings.

Incorrect information leads to order cancellation:

When you make an order, we expect you to fill in all the information correctly. If we feel that the information you have submitted is incorrect or inconsistent and the writer won’t be able to understand it. It is our right to cancel the order. And you have to submit the order again with the correct information. This happens to make sure that you provide us correct information so that we can work effectively on your assignment.

Choose your writer:

Normally when customers book their order, we assign the assignment to the most related writer. But sometimes customers show their own interest in a writer and want them to write their assignment. In this case, we double-check on that writer’s statistics and let you know if they are working fine or not. If the customer keeps on insisting, then the company is not responsible for the low-quality work as it’s their own choice. There will be no refund.

The company is not responsible for issues like loss of internet connection, spam, or incorrect emails. Because all these problems are out of the company’s control. But other than that if the customer is facing any issue we are always here to provide our customers the best service. And we will make sure to help them in every possible way.

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