Refund Policy

The goal of running assignment max is to provide the customers with the best possible assignment writing services. And it is possible that sometimes you don’t like our services or maybe you are not satisfied with it. And you might feel that you have wasted your money on something you don’t like. Well, don’t worry. We won’t let this happen. We have refund policies that are in favor of you and you would be really happy to hear about it.

Our refund policy:

There are a lot of scams going on these days. And it is understandable not to trust someone. But we won’t let that happen on our watch. If you feel that you have been charged twice. For example, after the actual payment from the website if you have been charged from any other source. Feel free to contact us and send us the email with the receipt. We will find out the source and will refund you the payment as soon as possible.

If we missed the deadline and didn’t submit your work on time. The money is on us. You can get a refund in this case. But if the delay happens because you have asked for some changes then there is not going to be any refund.

We deliver you the final product after checking several times through the plagiarism and grammar tools. But if you find any mistake or any plagiarism in the content, then you can tell us and we will fix it for you. But any refund in such cases is not possible.

After submitting your order and paying for it. If you have decided to cancel the order. And we haven’t assigned your work to any writer then you can choose any other assignment service I the same money. But if the work has been assigned then there will be no refund and you have to go on with your order.

We assign your work to the most related and the most professional writer. It doesn’t happen very often but if somehow the writer is busy and we doubt that your assignment won’t be completed in time. Then in this case your money will be refunded. Or you can give us another assignment that comes under the same range of money.

The refund policies are all mentioned above. If you claim something that does not come under any of the above-written claws. Then there will be no refund.

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