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The spelling and grammatical mistakes people make during an assignment’s writing, thesis, or dissertation writing can cause them to lose marks in their finals that is everyone’s nightmare.

No one wants to fail their exams just because of spelling and grammar mistakes. Editing and proofreading are the services that can help you get past these grammatical and spelling errors. And can help your grades to go up.

That is why Assignment Max is providing the proofreading and editing services to their customers so that they can easily.

proofreading service

Proofreading services:

Proofreading is the service in which we will thoroughly check the document to see if there are any typing, spelling, or grammatical issues with the document. This is important because your work should be 100% in its perfect condition before you hand it over to your professor. That is why we provide the custom assignment writing services along with proofreading services in the UK.

Don’t rush in proofreading:

Proofreading is a slow process. And many people overlook it because they think it is so easy to detect a problem in an article or a document. But what they don’t know is that minor mistakes might get overlooked when you are proofreading in a rush.

Also, when you finish writing a document you don’t have to proofread it at the same time. Take a break. Let your brain process the hard work you have done. And then proofread the document after a day or two.

This method is roved to be helpful while doing the process of proofreading. And this will help you point out the errors quickly in the document.

Search for common mistakes:

While proofreading your focus should be on the most common mistakes that can get ignored by the computer grammar checker or carelessness. To o that you have to read the document very slowly and read every line and focus on the sentences to see if they are right and if there is no grammatical error.

Try to focus on grammar, spelling, and punctuation:

Your main focus should be on grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors. You should use the technique of text separating and this helps you to point out every mistake in the text.

Are you looking for expert proofreading editors?

If you are looking for an expert proofreading editor, then your wait is over because assignment max company has brought exceptional expertise in proofreading editing services. You can avail of it by enrolling in our proofreading program and can avail of the maximum opportunities through this program. You might be wondering why there are no other alternative proofreaders in the market.

So the answer is that other brands might give manuscripts to be edited or proofread by a native English speaker. Still, we already have experts hired for this work who are not mandatorily from the native place but might be from the other countries and highly skilled in the English language. There is a huge difference between a casual native speaker and a highly skilled professional. A native speaker might make inappropriate mistakes in punctuation or spelling mistakes, but an expert can never make these blunders.

Furthermore, we highly believe that our experts must be familiar with the proofreading process and the needs for manuscripts. This is the reason why we are so particular when hiring experts for proofreading services. We strive to provide an expert proofreading editor to our clients because we want to retain them at all costs.

Our experts are PhDs and did their degrees and diplomas from the prestigious and reputable universities in USA and Uk. Furthermore, many current experts are still engaged in research work to be more dominant in the world. Their research papers could be seen in reputable journals like a semantic scholar, science direct,, etc

Our proofreading experts:

We have a team of amazing proofreading experts who can proofread the content within time and have the ability to mark all the mistakes present in a document.

Editing services:

Editing is the process in which students have to rewrite, review, or rethink the overall content or concept. And the idea is to focus on the topic and see if there is a new idea that can be mentioned or a new structure that can also be presented in the document. Editing should be a frequent process and it should be done over and over again just to make sure that there are no errors left.

Take your time while editing:

Just like proofreading, don’t rush the process of editing because it can be a time taking process and needs time to do it properly. Reading out the document aloud can also be a helpful technique that can help you detect the mistakes in the content.

First of all, you answer the questions. And make sure that you have answered every question correctly. The answers should be precise and should develop the concept in the reader’s mind. If not then you need to rethink a new answer.

Check on presentation and expressions:

When you are editing and reviewing your assignment and essays make sure you look for incomplete sentences or phrases. Rethink the ideas that can be done differently, check the sense of the sentence if it should be funny or odd.  Re-check every citation in the content if you think everything is done correctly then you can present it to your professor.

Our Editing experts:

Our editing writers are experts in the field. They are there to provide you with the best editing services in the market. They are professional in their work and they make sure that they check every detail of the work and rethink and review every possible idea that comes to their mind. As thesis writing is a very important task and you need to be very careful about grammar along with the context so we proofread all the documents of thesis to ensure that you receive premium content.

Also, they make sure that the structure of the content is right and the structure of the content is written properly without any mistakes. Our editing writers also make sure that you have presented the content correctly.

Why choose our proofread and editing services:

We are known for our dedicated work and fulfilling behavior with the customers. We have a huge range of services that we provide to our customers including proofreading and editing services.

We work hard to make sure that your paper looks good. And try to give you the best quality content. Our proofreading and editing experts are here to make sure that you submit the most perfect assignment to your professors so that you score the highest in your classroom.

We also make sure that after we write your content we go through the process of proofreading and editing so that no mistake is left in the content. So book your orders now to get our amazing and satisfying proofreading and editing services.

Necessary edits for improvement of English

Our proofreading editors know how to make necessary edits to improve the English of the content. It includes using active voice rather than passive voice. Passive voice creates biases in the content, so it must be made sure that a writer is using a perfect active tone while writing.

Furthermore, punctuation plays an important role in understanding the content. For instance, the placement of a comma can change the significance of the meaning of the content and might create biases in the reader’s mind. Furthermore, it needs to be understood whether you are writing for American or British readers because both levels of English have different spellings and tones.

Coherent of sentences and their alignment is another necessary edit. Sometimes it also happens that the language used is so complex to understand the content, so it must be simple and concrete. Our expert proofreaders ensure that the content is clear, concrete and concise in all possible ways.

Quality assurance

We ensure the quality of the content. Quality includes in-depth knowledge and information of the topic presented in a formatted manner rather than reflecting haphazard terms. Our expert professional proofreaders ensure the quality of the clients and fulfills this. Their quality reflects at one glance once you start reading it.

Revision of manuscripts

Revisions of your manuscripts depend on you because we do on-demand revisions as much as you want us to do. We realize that everything in the content must be flawless to be published in the paper, and a small blunder will restrict you from publishing it, so we already revise the manuscripts to a larger extent. Furthermore, proofreading editing services are not given by one person at the place; we ensure that your document is going into the hands of multiple proofreaders for authenticity.

Highly experts in the science domain especially.

Although we have highly expert proofreaders for all subjects like law, English, Accounts, etc., we have ensured that we hire exceptionally expert proofreaders for science subjects. Science subjects include medicine and engineering, and we care for our students in this domain because a tiny mistake in the content might be unbearable in medicine.

We keep records of strong authors and writers

Keeping a record of the strong authors and writer is our major priority. We do this practice for our trust building that either the person we are hiring has a strong past record or not. We ensure that the person we are hiring belongs to some reputable and prestigious related jobs. This is the reason why our writers and authors are highly committed to their work.

Fast turnaround

We have a fast turnaround time because we know that our students are tackling the pressure of deadlines of submitting their documents from their course instructor, so we ensure that we deliver their documents on a timely basis. Our turnaround time is almost 24 hours.

We know that our customers need quality content on a timely basis, so we are fulfilling their desires. Furthermore, our fastest turnaround time helps retain these customers while attracting more and more clients towards our academic programs.

Originality of content

Our content is original because the sources from which we extract the information are authentic. Proofreading needs proper authentication, which is done by searching research papers from reputable sites, and we are doing so to provide original content.

We have a highly committed workforce.

Our workforce is highly committed to their work, which is why they are entertaining the clients to optimum levels.


We are just one click away from you, do a click and order your assignment. All you have to do is avail our most affordable services and have your assignments before the deadlines. This will not only help you in achieving high grades but also ensure your dominancy in the class.


Our proofreaders provide the document containing professional vocabulary. The use of fancy words attracts the readers towards the content. Our proofreaders use high academic vocabulary in the content to satisfy clients.


  • Plagiarism detector tool

We have a plagiarism detector tool because plagiarism is illegal worldwide; if it is seen in the content, then the writer will be restricted. So we have numerous plagiarism detector tools. We have access to Turnitin, a highly-ranked academic word. We check the document through that and ensure the document is 100% plagiarism free.

  • 24/7 availability

We are available 24/7 to tackle all the academic problems of our clients. We realize that our clients might have study time at night, so they want to contact us at night, or some might need daytime assistance, so we are available 24/7 and ensure that our team and expert proofreaders are ultimately responding to our clients. We ensure that our clients do not feel unsatisfied due to our late or delayed response. So we are highly engaged with our client at any time.

  • Payment through PayPal

Most of our clients feel insecure due to the fear of insecure payment methods. They feel insecure because they feel that the payment method is online, so anyone can hack it and grab their bank account details. So we assure them that our payment method is through PayPal, and it is highly secured from end-to-end encryption. Any third party will not access the bank account details. 

  • Form assignments to a skilled level

We know that our adult students need skilled-level assignments. Professional-level assignments are different from casual assignments. The tone, structure, formation, and direction of the content differ. A professional tone in the content already reflects the professionalism of the writer. So we have hired experts for proofreading highly. We ensure that our proofreaders understand the needs of the students that how much they need skilled-level content and

  • Expert teachers for all subjects

We have highly professional and expert teachers for all the domains which the student requires. IT, English, accounts, finance, economics, law, science, etc., any subject for which you need proofreading, we are here to help you. We will make you interact with highly professional subjects experts in all subjects.


Our services are ISO certified because we know that the quality of the content is the priority. Our quality is such a masterpiece that we have ISO certifications as well. Our clients are trusting us also because of our ISO certifications.


  • Avoid redundancy
  • Correct grammar
  • Academic tone and style


We are not giving our services through rigorous methods but through flexible methods. We believe that our customers are modern students and are more flexible with contact through technology. So we have brought an amazing feature of our proofreading editing services: our clients can contact us through live chats.

We believe that live chats are more comfortable than just attracting through voice calls. Through live chats, the client and the tutor can also see each other’s gestures, postures and other non-verbal communication. It is crucial to building trust in each other.


Clients sometimes get reluctant to enrol in any of our programs because of the fear of being stuck by investing their money in case they do not get the desired outcome of enrolling in the particular program. So we have given 100% assurance to our clients that we guarantee the complete return of your money whenever you needed. Our return policy is conditional and is only entertained if your condition falls in the following category.

  • Our money will be returned if there is poor-quality of content from our side. This might happen if the content is irrelevant or if there is any big mistake in the facts and figures of the content, then we ensure your money is returned.
  • Although we promise timely delivery, there are some uncertainties like natural calamity or political conditions due to which your assignment could not reach you on time; then we will already compensate you by returning your money back.
  • There is a set time frame within which you can claim your money back, and that is 24 hours before the delivery. If you failed to claim under this span, only then the refund policy would be entertained.
  • Money will be returned to you when there is any proof of evidence from your relevant course instructor that the quality is not a good or delayed assignment, and then we will return your money back. Without the attachment of any proof of evidence, the return policy would not be entertained.


We highly believe in customer support whenever needed. Our team is all time engaged in customer support. We support our customers to the extent that if they need academic help beyond only proofreading and editing services, then we are always there to help them. We know that our adult students need emotional and academic support at different steps of their lives. We realize that our clients are future shining stars and they are highly committed to their work life activities while managing their academic pressures, so we are here to give them emotional support also.


Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the stuff you want our experts to proofread. Students give manuscripts, assignments and other stuff for proofreading, depending on it. Furthermore, we are giving our services at the most affordable prices because we prioritize our customer's satisfaction over generating profits.
Proofreading editing service means reviewing the written material and making possible amendments to it like spelling, punctuation, formatting, capitalization or correcting other technical errors. Proofreading is also concerned with correcting irrelevant material in the content. Proofreading editing services help in correcting the illogical stuff in the content.
Yes, if you are facing difficulty proofreading or do not have full knowledge of English, then you can pay our experts to proofread your essential document. Although you can pay someone to proofread your document, if you possess editing skills according to the requirement of the document, then you can surely do that without anyone's assistance.
Proofreading is the essential step before publishing content in the journal. It involves all corrective measures needed to be made before publishing it to the journal, like fixing all major and minor mistakes and making it up to date according to the needs.
You might need a proofreader or copy editor due to two reasons. One reason might be that you have proofreading skills, but you are so busy managing your work and personal life that you cannot give time to proofread your document, as it is a long tiring process. The other reason might be you do not have proofreading editing skills, so you need someone for proofreading. Do I pay someone to proofread my document to overcome the problems of both types of people we are providing our service to?
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