Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, and we will never share your information with anyone or the services you get from us. All the information you provide us is 100% secure and all the transactions are 100% secure. And we provide you with a guarantee to keep your information 100% confidential.

We take care of your privacy and we make sure that all the information you share with us while placing an order will never be disclosed to any third party. No one except us will know about your name, location, address, or phone number. It will stay between us. Also, you need to be careful that there shouldn’t be any personal talk with the writers. This is strictly against our policy.

Let us discuss all the rules that you should know before ordering your assignments.

About the information you provide us:

We collect information from you depending upon the type of service that you are getting. The information we get is most useful and necessary for us to proceed with your assignment writing services.

Mostly the information required is your name, city, location, number, email address, and billing address. We also require your contact number and billing details to make sure that the payment will be safe. And if it has any issues we will inform you beforehand to save you from any trouble. Also, we can track your interest and then offer you packages and services that will benefit you and might save you some money. Because there are a lot of discount and offers going on when you work with us.

Our method of taking information: has all the rights to gather the information you provide us in the form of texts, images, pictures, or voice notes. Like we can keep all the information that you provide us while filling out the form to make an order whether it is in the video form, audio, picture, images, or texts. Why is it important? It is important firstly because we can save your information for the next order you make and we assure you that all the information you provide us will remain just with us and no third party has the authority to access it. Secondly, it is the way that we can connect with you. For example, the email you provide us and you subscribe to our email, so we send our promotions and discounts directly to your mail. In this way, you can have the chance to avail our exciting deals.

All the other information that you provide at at any time of the day is also collected in the form of cookies. And it happens whenever someone visits our website and stays there for a while for searching. Cookies are basically used to get personal information from the users from their current web browser. It is mainly on the hard drive of the customers.

Cookies sometimes require permission for their acceptance. Otherwise, its acceptance is present b default in so many browsers. But you should only use the browser that gives you a warning before accepting the cookies. Also, you should be able to reject the cookies any time when the pop-up comes. But we advise our customers to enable the cookies so that we can access the information of the browser and offer you our services according to your requirements.

Why do we need your information?

There are many reasons why we collect information from you.

  • The first thing is if you want to get our service you need to provide your information.
  • The other thing is to provide you with information and get in touch with you we need to have your information. Otherwise, if there is a communication gap, we won’t be able to connect and it will affect the quality of your assignment.
  • It also helps to keep you updated about the new updates, features, and changes in services.
  • To generate a safe payment method it is necessary for us to have your information.

About the confidential policy:

We make sure that the information you provide stays between us and you. It won’t even be shared with the writers. And no information will be shared with you about the writers. The information includes your name, number, email, location, and any personal detail. And any violation of this rule will cost you your assignment as your order will be canceled.

We as the management will deal with all your payment-related issues. And the customers are not allowed to discuss the payment issues and payment details with the writers. And same goes with the writer, your writer is also not allowed to discuss any payment details with you. Any violation of this rule will be taken seriously.

You should tell us (the management) about any issues or queries related to the assignment. And we will connect you with your writer. We do not encourage an exchange of contact with the writers.

Your payment will be only held once by the online payment method of the website, and if someone asks you to pay again. Do not indulge in practice like that. Or the management will not be responsible.

In case you need to contact with the write urgently, then contact our 24/7 customer service. They will help you solve your problem.

Assignment max has a secure payment method. And it has a record that no one has ever faced any difficulties related to their payment method. Also, we are here to provide you with the best quality assignment writing service. And we do not intend to harm you in any way.


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