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Criminal Law Essay Writing

The legal rules that are built for the purpose to keep the people safe and reduce crimes from society are known as criminal law. The system is general to control social behaviours. It is also implemented when someone is threatening or endanger the safety of health and moral support of people. The judiciary system enforces different acts to punish people who are breaking laws. Assignment Max explains your concepts about criminal law and gives help to write an essay on criminal law.

Criminal law is one of the important parts of the subject that is necessary to gel law degree. Crime is the most common thing in everyday life crime is not only about murder it is around us in many forms, but it is also very important for the students to get familiar with each offence is moreover it is very important to focus on legal principles.

There are many crimes that we will discuss in this blog. There is no specific definition of crime in criminal law, this can be changed from time to time because of political and social influences such as murder, assault, fraud, sexual, and property offences and many more.

There are three ways to deal with criminals

  • Criminal punishment
  • Private action
  • Executive control

Criminal Law Covered the Following Types of Crimes

Assignment Max gives you the information about what crimes are involved in criminal law

Committing a Crime: This is about Actus reus, it can be translated as a guilty act, and it is the main component when to access criminal liability.

Fatal Crime: Means murder, the crime of murder is the most serious crime, in this part we give an explanation of the various component of the murder diminished responsibility, loss control, killing subject to suicide.

Non-fatal Crime: Non-fatal crime means the person who encompasses the crime where a person is responsible for some harm, but the harm does not give the result of death.

Property Crime: It is the category of crime that includes theft, burglary, stolen goods, destroys and stolen property, making off without payment, criminal damage and arson.

Sexual Crime Sexual crime encompasses a lot of crimes that include, rape, sexual assault, child abuse or causing the person who involves in sexual activities.

Fraud and Theft: A crime that is defined as criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal profit, fraud and stolen the information, fraud by position, crime or dishonesty.

Parties to Crime: A crime where one or more than one criminals play a role to commit a crime, group of criminals work together for a criminal purpose.

Drugs Dealing: A crime about drugs supplies, smuggling, gambling.

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Purpose of the Criminal Law System

  • The basic purpose of the criminal law system is to provide justice to everyone and the ordinances to convince and punish the criminals and stop them from doing further crime and also give justice to innocent
  • State the rules to give secure benefits and prospects of the society like prevention and reduction of crime
  • Make the system and amends the imbalances just because of those people who are taking legal advantage of the system and diminish their humanity
  • Secure the basic rights of civilians and give their basic rights of the criminal defendant, so people ensure that they will get their civil rights after the proper investigation
  • Provide assistance and protect people from the officers who are accused from the abuse and overreaching of the law enforcement
  • Give the right to the defendant to choose their layer who represents their problem or if they cannot afford court will appoint the attorney from their side

The main structure of the criminal law system

Assignment Max explains the basic components of any law judiciary system, here our law professional writers define each component separately.

Law Enforcement

The law enforcement officers a responsibility to prepare reports of crime that had done in their areas, the basic purpose to collect all the evidence from the crime location and protect them, they have authorities to arrest the criminals and give correct testimonies in the court during the court hearing also reinvestigate the case if needed.


Lawyers are the main representatives of the country or federal government, the layer is responsible to present in the courtroom the first hearing to till last when accused is justified or sentenced. It is the big responsibility of the prosecutor to represent the proper evidence or argument in the court that brought by the law enforcement officers, a good prosecutor has to present evidence in court, question witnesses, Determine and negotiate of the bargain with defendants.

Defence attorney

A defence attorney is selected to justify the defendant against the government’s case. They can be appointed by the defendant or the court. When the prosecutor defends the state and the other hand the defence attorney represents the criminal defendant.


Court is controlled by the states judges, the basic responsibility of judges is to make sure that all the laws followed properly and monitor the activities in the court, decide whether to release or give punish to the offender before the trial is one of the important roles of judges, they are authorised and in position to accept and reject any agreement, evidence and arguments.


Correction officers are responsible to observe the criminal when they serve time in jail. Correction officers have right to prepare a pre-sentencing report that consists of all the details of criminals, so the judges will get help to decide sentence, also the offenders security and safety is supervised by the correction officers, they are also in the charge to release the offender with their report they can change the charge of sentence.

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