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Avoid Plagiarism while Writing Graduation Thesis

Many people don’t know how to write a graduation thesis, so they will refer to some other papers. Even if we don’t have new ideas, it’s good to have an attitude. You can add some of your own ideas and find some better arguments. But everyone should also be aware that no matter what the quality of our papers, if we are found to have plagiarised, whether it is domestic or foreign, we will be punished. So, how can we avoid this kind of problem? How to reduce the chance of repetition?

The Same Ideas are Different in Specific Summary Points

Although we may have cited other people’s papers because we don’t know how to write a graduation thesis, even if the knowledge or ideas are the same, the arguments we sum up are always different, or we have to change the way of thinking. Even if you really can’t write a paper, you will always change your mind. You still have to grasp this point yourself. If we can ensure that there is no problem with our thinking, even if the argument is slightly hollow, we can pass the review.

The Position Marked in Red Needs to be Revised as a Whole

If the first check paper has a large area of ​​marks, the teacher will usually give us a chance, and everyone can simply modify the test paper. It is recommended that you cannot delete a large area marked in red, because after deletion, the format and content of the entire paper will be changed, and the marked red may be more serious. Therefore, if you don’t know how to write your graduation thesis, you must make the next revision of the place marked in red. In other words, simply changing the content of a thesis is very effective.

There Must be a Self-Inspection Process before Submitting the Paper

Even if we don’t know how to write the graduation thesis, we also refer to some of the content of other people, but everyone should simply conduct self-inspection, especially for some students who are more entangled, try to do a basic inspection procedure, now There are also many software’s on the Internet that can help us check the plagiarism rate of papers, and everyone can use it. As long as our papers are determined to have not reached the plagiarism rate, they can basically pass the review, and everyone can rest assured.

It seems that the graduation thesis seems to be easy to complete, but in fact, the requirements for graduation thesis have not been so high in recent years. Everyone must be carefully prepared, and also it takes a lot of time to study and find information while making sure that plagiarism is avoided. In fact, many people don’t know how to write a graduation thesis at the beginning. As long as they can find a suitable writer, they can actually pass the review. But many students may wish to complete a thesis by themselves, so let’s introduce what they should do to complete it.

First, Choose the Type of Content and Direction that You are Good At

If you don’t know how to write a graduation thesis, then first consider what kind of thesis you want to write. After so many years of study, we will definitely have some content that we are good at, and many subjects must be familiar to us. Then we can write papers from some very basic types. As long as we find a suitable way to write a paper, we can ensure that the quality of the paper is quite good, especially for some friends who are not good at writing. Finding the right direction is still very important.

Second, Choose the Types of Papers that Predecessors Summarised More

In fact, the more articles we write in the past, the fewer projects we can study, but for friends who don’t know how to write a graduation thesis, the less we sum up in such a direction, we can always It is definitely easier to find some places to learn from and want to write a paper while avoiding plagiarism. Therefore, it is recommended that you still choose some articles with more knowledge points summarised by the predecessors, so that you don’t have to worry about the effect of writing.

Third, Pay Attention to the Modification of Sentence Word Order and Overall Content

If you really refer to some other people’s papers and trying to avoid plagiarism, it’s because you don’t know how to write your graduation thesis. In fact, you can do some simple demonstration and integration, and then make subsequent changes to the word order of some sentences. You can also reverse the order and writing method. So that we can see a good paper writing effect. Although this type of paper does not have any good ideas, and it is impossible to get high scores, we wrote it ourselves, or we wrote it ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about passing the review of your supervisor.