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Assignments Max’s Writers Qualifications

Assignments Max is currently having more than 5000 customers and has successfully maintained an average quality score of 9.5/10 which is entirely a result of the efforts of its qualified and highly skilled writers.

Qualified writers from all over the world

To meet the academic needs of the students, Assignments Max has developed a team of writers in which writers are not only belonging to any particular region, but are selected from all across the globe and having diverse experience which enables the company to deliver multiple services with the strong commitment of quality.

Selection of qualified and most suitable writers

These qualified writers are selected from different countries by staying aligned with the company’s unique hiring policy. No writer is selected on the basis of references or just their years of experience in this field. Instead, the company does not rely upon the CV’s alone, but test the qualifications and skills through its detailed hiring process which starts with an academic test and a language proficiency test. Through these tests, the writers’ grip over the field of study is analysed as well as his/her command over English language which is tested through evaluating the use of vocabulary, punctuations, forms of verb, sentence structures etc. After passing the test, writers have to pass an interview in which their individual skills are evaluated, and it is determined whether they are capable of meeting the short deadlines that Assignment Max promises to its customers. Those who pass that interview proceed to the third stage which is probation. Just after successfully completing the probation, the writers are finalised to actually work on the orders.

Qualified writers for each academic level

On the basis of the test results and the performance in probation as well as their level of academic excellence and years of experience, the writers are allocated to cater academic work of certain levels. For example, those who are PhD qualified and have years of experience in the fled of writing are appointed to handle the most critical and complex assignments and dissertations. Those who have masters qualification from reputed institutions and have experience in this field are appointed for handling bachelors assignments and similarly all academic task are assigned based on their level of complexity, and it is ensured that only those writers will work on the task who have an advanced degree in the same field so that they can apply their expert knowledge to produce the perfect piece of writing. Through this process, Assignments Max has successfully maintained a team of excellent and skilful assignment writers, essay writers, and dissertation writers in the UK.

Academic and language proficiency

When the company claims that it has highly qualified writers it does not only mean that those writers have higher education degrees that is why, they are claimed to be expert writers. Instead, these writers are the best writers in the UK, because they have academic knowledge as well as language proficiency which is tested before hiring. Assignments Max’s writers are having strong command over English language and are capable of producing the original content without the risk of plagiarism by using vast vocabulary and explaining the ideas in their own words. All the pieces of writing produced by the writers are free from any type of grammatical or spelling error. After proper proofreading the papers are also tested through the advanced software to ensure that the work that is to be submitted to the client is free from all types of mistakes. The writers are also equipped with the skills to maintain effective sentence structure throughout the writing and also stay conscious of using the most persuasive and communicative words and avoid use of jargon and slang.

Ongoing training and monitoring

Qualified writers are not only hired but are also trained to meet the quality standards expected in the UK’s institutions which are using very sophisticated software to identify the originality of content and its quality. The writers have the basic knowledge of their field and are good at use of creative language, but some technical aspects are taught to them to make their work perfectly aligned with the academic standards. The writers are trained to use the different formatting style, in-text citations, referencing styles, page layout, formatting of dissertations, preparation of questionnaires, visual representation of data etc. After getting trained, these writers are allowed to work as per their skills and based on their own judgment to produce innovative work. But along such freedom, their performance is monitored regularly, and it is ensured that they are meeting all the quality standards. For monitoring advanced software are used for proofreading and originality of the content is verified by using Turnitin software. Such approach to monitoring eliminates any scope of customer dissatisfaction and enables the company to deliver the best assignment writing services through the capabilities of its best writers.